It’s that time of year again. Time for a fresh start and to make a list of resolutions for the year. Here are our top 8 resolutions when it comes to your home in 2021.

1. Set a Home Ownership Goal: If you don’t currently own your home, spend some time going over your financial information and set a goal and timeline of when you will be prepared to purchase your first home.

2. Clean Room by Room: Instead of tackling your entire home at once, set time aside to deep clean room by room. You can start with the rooms with the highest foot traffic – kitchen and living rooms and go from there.

3. Declutter: Cleaning is the perfect place to start, but you’ll also need to declutter your space. Purging old furniture, boxes, and other clutter can have a dramatic effect on the look of any room.

4. Get Organized: The start of the year is the perfect time to organize those closets and drawers you’ve been ignoring. You can start by cleaning out your pantry. Then, move onto your hall closets and storage rooms to ensure your whole house is organized and neat.

5. Invest in Smart Home Technology: If you’re interested in the latest in smart home technology, make a few upgrades this year. Install a smart thermostat and cut down on your energy bill. Replace old lightbulbs with smart bulbs and invest in Alexa-enabled blinds.

6. Cut Down on Energy Usage: Take a look at last year’s energy bills and see where you can potentially make cuts. Start recycling if you aren’t already and set smart bulbs to automatically turn off.

7. Schedule Maintenance: Spend some time at the beginning of this year and plan for regular maintenance throughout 2021. Plan when your air conditioning unit should be inspected, start saving for that new washer and dryer to be installed, and schedule time to work on your yard.

8. Start Those DIY Projects: Do you have some home projects you’ve been putting off all year? Make 2021 the year you complete them! Start your garden, paint your guest bedroom and more this year.