While most sheds are used to store gardening supplies, tools, and other miscellaneous items, there is a lot of opportunity to design a shed for more purposeful use. Even a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your current backyard shed, but if you are looking to give it a major upgrade, here are a few ideas.

Home Office

Working from home can be distracting if you don’t have a dedicated workspace in your house. By converting your shed to the ultimate home office, you can ditch your commute and design a space that is conducive to productivity. A home office shed helps you separate home and work life and create a space that is uniquely your own.


Create a backyard hideaway with a “she-shed.” Give your shed a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Add flowers, color, and lighting to make it a space dedicated to your favorite hobbies. Gardening? Reading? Or Writing? You can create your perfect creative space and escape from it all.

Tiny House

Converting or building a shed to be a tiny house is the perfect addition to your home for guests. With just 250 square feet, you can build a living room, kitchen, and bedroom all in one space for guests to have their own private oasis when visiting. Talk about the perfect in-law suite!

Kid’s Playhouse

Let your kid’s imaginations run wild by converting your backyard shed into the ultimate kid’s playhouse. Stock the shed with their favorite snacks and games, while ensuring they spend some time outside in the sunshine.


If you have a green thumb, creating the perfect greenhouse could be your best option. Grow your favorite vegetable, flowers, and herbs for the ultimate farm to table. There are tons of step-by-step guides online to help you get started.