Follow these tips for the easiest way to make your home viewing ready to attract the highest possible amount of buyers.

Tidy Up: An obvious first step especially during COVID-19 is to make sure your home is deep cleaned. Your property should be spotless when viewers walk in the door. That includes cleaning windows and frames, steaming the carpet, and dusting the baseboards in addition to the necessary vacuuming and bathroom and kitchen scrubbing.

COVID-19 Tip: Limit the number of people per viewing and have protective gear such as hand sanitizer, masks, booties, and gloves for potential buyers when they walk in.

De-Clutter: In addition to cleaning your home, it is important to de-clutter your living spaces. It’s difficult for a buyer to imagine what their stuff will look like when they move in if all they can see is yours. Clear countertops in the kitchen and bathroom of items and move any boxes or extra furniture into storage. Before a viewing is the perfect time to donate any unused items!

Organize Closets: Speaking of de-cluttering, now is the time to organize your closets. During a viewing, everything is fair game. Potential buyers will be checking out every inch of the house, which includes that one closet you’ve been meaning to organize for years now. Make sure your storage spaces are clean and tidy as buyers are guaranteed to check all the closets and cabinets.

Depersonalize: Your home can look lived it, but you want buyers to imagine themselves in your home. Potential buyers want to be able to imagine their personal possessions and family photos in the rooms. Try to neutralize your rooms and put personal items in storage to maximize appeal to buyers.

Make Minor Repairs: If there are projects you have been putting off, think about making those minor repairs before the viewing. This includes changing old lightbulbs, greasing squeaky doors, and upgrading small hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. Small details can make a big difference.

Curb Appeal: Don’t forget about your home’s curb appeal. The outside will be the first thing buyers see online or in-person, and first impressions are everything. Keep yards neat and welcoming and keep the entryway clean.