Are you looking to sell your home this year? If so, your home’s screen appeal is going to be a major factor. Though some in-person selling tools are coming back as COVID-19 cases decrease, your home’s online listing is still going to be the first thing buyers see. By increasing your home’s screen appeal, you can attract more buyers and increase offers.

So, how do you increase the screen appeal of your home? Here are some tips to help.

Increase Outside Curb Appeal – The first photo on your online listing will be the front outside view of your home. To make this picture more appealing, make sure your lawn is freshly mowed, old shutters are painted, and add some color to your front porch with greenery. Take the photo is the best light.

Stage Your Home – The first step is to declutter your home, including children’s toys and other personal items. Make sure everything is organized and miscellaneous items are tucked away. Layout your furniture is a way that is most optimal for the space.

Try New Lighting – Lighting makes a massive difference on screen versus in-person. Take a few test photos and add lights where necessary. You can also edit the lighting afterward in a photo editing software.

Try Virtual Staging – If your home is currently empty, you can try virtual staging. Staged homes sell faster, so you can add furniture digitally to your space using free online software programs.

Hire a Professional – Hiring a professional photographer or real estate agent can make a HUGE difference. They understand what works best in the current market and will be able to write up the perfect listing to attract potential buyers.

Invest in Video – Some buyers may feel uncomfortable touring a home in-person, so investing in a virtual video of your tour can increase the number of views your listing receives. There are several video options available – a simple walkthrough video shot on your iPhone to using a drone to capture the full-scale view of your home and yard.

Share the Listing Online – Once your photos and video are good to go, don’t forget to share the listing online! Utilize your social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to let your network know your home is available.