Snow is overrated! In Florida, we join Santa by the pool, not the slopes. Even though we don’t have the quintessential snowy weather for our holiday season, it’s still easy to get into the holiday spirit with the right décor!

Here are some ideas to help you get into the holiday spirit and transform your home into a Coastal wonderland.

Lights: First things first: the lights. In Florida, palm trees are better than pine trees! You can wrap your palm trees in lights to show your holiday enthusiasm. The beach and ocean view can be the perfect holiday backdrop.

Florida Themed Christmas Tree: Capture the Florida vibe with a Christmas tree decorated with all things Florida. You can include sand bucket ornaments, mini-surfboards, fishing net, and flamingo ornaments.

Scent: Nothing brings back holiday memories like the sense of smell. Don’t forget to decorate for all the senses. Bring in the smells of the season with candles, wreaths, and holiday treats.

Sand Snowman: Everyone loves to make a snowman during the holiday season. Don’t let there not being any snow deter you. You and your kids can create a snowman out of sand on the beach.

Fake Snow: If you’re originally from up north and it doesn’t feel like Christmas to you without snow, you can get some fake snow from your local craft store. You can use it on your Christmas tree or create faux snowflakes.

Florida is one of the best states to spend the holiday season. The weather is fantastic, and there are plenty of opportunities and things to do outside.

Want to see some of the best holiday lights in Florida? Mount Dora near Orlando is hosting an outdoor holiday festival for antique lovers, art lovers, and crafters. The city’s Christmas lights festival lasts for a month and includes several events where you can walk the grounds.

Stay tuned for when we break down all the top things to do in Florida this holiday season!